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Giant Spectacular (The Puppets)

This collection captures the story of ‘The Giants’, as they’re popularly known, who arrived in Liverpool on the weekend of 20-22 April 2012. The spectacular three-day event commemorated 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic, which carried the name of its home port, Liverpool, on its hull, with a unique, human perspective on the tragedy.

The creations of French street theatre pioneers Royal de Luxe, estimated crowds of 250,000 turned into more than 800,000 as the two giants – and Xolo the dog – captured the public imagination with their cheeky, expressive and poignant adventures around Liverpool.

The story is based on the real life tale of ten-year-old May McMurray, whose father William was a first class bedroom steward on board the Titanic. May wrote a letter to her father, which didn’t arrive until after the ill-fated ship had sailed – it was returned to the sender, and is now on display in the Merseyside Maritime Museum at the Albert Dock, where it proved inspiration for Royal de Luxe artistic director Jean-Luc Courcoult.


All of our pieces are prints taken directly from one of our own original images, or from an original image from one of our featured artists.

At POTO Studios all of our art and photography presentations are made to order at our studios in Liverpool.  They are priced according to the size and materials used in the finished piece.

This can vary depending on the artist, and final prices will be shown when selecting your particular image.


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