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The Liver Bird Series by David Montagnes

“Liver Bird” is a twelve-part series that brings the evocative avian symbol of Liverpool to visit the city’s most iconic structures and spaces.  Following tradition dating back at least to the 17th century, I have based the Liver Bird on a cormorant grasping seaweed in its beak.  I then broke with tradition - embracing Liverpool’s multicultural character, I loosely adopted an oriental style.  Look carefully at the pseudo-oriental signature; what does it say?  The red seal at the bottom of this script is my personal symbol, depicting a species of micro-organism (a protozoan) that I described.

About David

I’m a biologist at the University of Liverpool, where, for the last two decades, I have studied aquatic ecosystems and taught subjects ranging from biodiversity to scientific writing.  As a young scientist I supported my education through art and illustration, describing new species and providing works for books and posters.  Sadly, I let that lapse.
Liverpool’s vibrancy and iconic architecture have always attracted me and have been an inspiration, rekindling my artistic nature.   In this recent work I’ve tried to capture the pleasure I take from living here.  I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoyed making it.

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