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Peter Cameron

Peter Cameron is a Liverpool artist who works from the Elevator Studios on Parliament Street where anyone is welcome. His work is mostly figurative..."I find it hard to paint pictures without people in them"... Quirky, ominous and amusing are words often used to describe his images. He uses most paint media, but Peter's favoured medium is soft pastels where he can work close to the surface. This allows him to either minimise the random effects of his Parkinson's disease, or "just let the syndrome do the talking"... He says he is glad of the choice, and enjoys the element of surprise.


All of our pieces are prints taken directly from one of our own original images, or from an original image from one of our featured artists.

At POTO Studios all of our art and photography presentations are made to order at our studios in Liverpool.  They are priced according to the size and materials used in the finished piece.

This can vary depending on the artist, and final prices will be shown when selecting your particular image.


For any queries, please feel free to contact us on 07807 572667 or email us.

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