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POTO Studios are excited to present our latest online collection from local artist, Ed Farrell. Ed's work is stunning, and often presents unseen views from Liverpool's past and present. His work is sure to catch your eye if you're a Liverpool local, or have a connection with the city in any way. 

Ed Farrell is a largely self-taught artist who works mainly in pen & ink and watercolour. He has for some time been engaged in a relatively long-term project to catalogue – through his art – the Architecture of Liverpool. This body of work includes detailed architectural studies, pub interiors, and aerial landscapes past and present. Reconstruction of historical Liverpool neighbourhoods are carried out with painstaking reference to old maps and hundreds of archive photographs. He aims for absolute accuracy and his detailed works often involve many days of both research and execution. His aim is to articulate architecture to better enable enjoyment of Liverpool’s great buildings.

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