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All Ilan Sheady

Ilan Sheady is Creative Director for Uncle Frank Productions.

Uncle Frank Productions is a film and creative resource studio that specialises in the horror genre.  First and foremost UFP consist of long-time devoted fans of horror, and they certainly don't consider horror as a lesser art form or genre. They believe that horror has the most passionate and enthusiastic fan base, and Ilan is testament to this.

The collections featured here were born out of Ilan posting some of his dark themed 'scribbles' on Facebook. The drawings were met with a fantastic reception, and many horror fans were asking if they could get hold of these in published form. After a fairly brief conversation with Ilan, POTO Studios were glad to partner with him, and here we have both of his collections - Senti-mental Valentines and Mother's Day - printed and mounted to the usual, high-quality, yet affordable POTO standard.

The collections are currently featured by esteemed online horror review website HorrorTalk.

Why not surprise your loved with with something a little different!? Enjoy!

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