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Maggie Fulton

Maggie Fulton studied at Liverpool College of Art for 5 years during the 1960’s, a particularly vibrant and creative period for the College, students and staff, many of whom went on to achieve fame through a variety of different art forms.

Following a firm grounding in the basic techniques of a variety of art disciplines Maggie specialised in ceramics and interior design, since when she has he continued to maintain a strong interest in buildings and their architectural features and settings.

Alongside a career in education, initially as a an art teacher and then as an art advisor for a local education authority, Maggie has continued to indulge her love of the use of line through regularly taking part in life drawing sessions.

Maggie feels that life drawing is an essential element in developing drawing and observational skills, not only clarifying the anatomy and beauty of the human form but allowing for the development of the use of line for purposes of perspective and to show differences in depth and distance in landscape. Line can be used to portray, not only what we see in front of us, but also to express emotion and mood through curves and angles and the weight and clarity of the line itself.

Rather than using a more precise, formal architectural drawing style Maggie tries to capture the atmosphere and character of buildings and their settings through spontaneous relaxed pencil drawing and watercolour painting. She feels that this style reflects the character and ethos of certain environments and is evocative of the specific atmosphere in which the people live and relax.

Maggie has recently established a base in North Wales where she spent a good deal of time during her early years with her grandparents, Nain and Taid, and this has allowed her to renew her love of the area and to once more portray the places that inspired her as a child.


All of our pieces are prints taken directly from one of our own original images, or from an original image from one of our featured artists.

At POTO Studios all of our art and photography presentations are made to order at our studios in Liverpool.  They are priced according to the size and materials used in the finished piece.

This can vary depending on the artist, and final prices will be shown when selecting your particular image.


For any queries, please feel free to contact us 07807 572667 or email us.

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