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About us, and why we love working with art illustration and photography

First of all, we'd like to welcome you to our new website!  

    Those of you that know us will know how frustrated we've been by not being able to provide our customers with the capability to order our products online. We're glad to say that we can now do that with this very website! The site will continue to evolve, and offer more choices and options for how to view our work, order and purchase from us, so please keep checking back.
    This site is an additional channel for our growing business, we certainly won't be slacking in keeping up our presence at events, and arts and craft fairs across the region. See our POTO Studios events schedule.

    For those of you who don't know us yet...

      We are a family run, Liverpool based studio specialising in high quality photographic and art images. Our aim is to create exceptional presentations of beautiful images, whilst keeping them affordable for our customers, partners and friends. We focus on publishing both our own work, and that of other established and upcoming local artists to give us a unique range of products created right here in Liverpool, and often with a local theme. We love our city, and our art and photographs and have a goal to see local art by local artists visible and available to the public. 
      We believe art can touch us all individually, providing food for our minds and souls, as well as allowing us to express ourselves in our own unique way. As we all know, Liverpool has always been a melting pot of diverse peoples and cultures, gifting us with an abundance of historic and contemporary subjects to work with. In keeping with the pride and spirit of Liverpool and it's people, we can help you rediscover some of the world-famous sites and landmarks that help define home for our locals and expats. Whether that be our heritage architecture, such as a late summer evening landscape taking in the internationally famous skyline of the majestic Three Graces, or maybe something celebrating our world-famous football clubs (red or blue!).
      What could be more personal and life-affirming than an image that talks to you about one of your life stories? It could be an image that makes you smile, think of home, remember a special time or inspires you to think, and maybe explore your own creativity. We carefully choose our images, and strive to keep them within financial reach for a wide audience. We don't present our images with diamond studded frames, nor do we mass produce low quality. However, we are constantly innovating to provide presentation styles that look good, work for us and our artists, and above all, work for you, our truly valued customers.

      Our studio is located in the heart of Liverpool's Creative Quarter, the Baltic Triangle. You will find us at 3 Brick Street, Liverpool, L1 0BL. When not in the field, we spend most of our time here, making ready all of the art work to offer to you for your enjoyment. We've been in business since 2007, and have been based here since early 2012, when our home was no longer able to accommodate our ever-expanding range of materials, finished products, equipment and visitors.


      To find out more about the Baltic Triangle;


      The Baltic Triangle from Sparkle* on Vimeo.
      A day in the life of the Baltic Triangle.
      Commissioned for the Baltic Area Showcase in Liverpool

      Produced and Directed by Sparkle*
      Direction & Typography by Smiling Wolf www.smilingwolf.co.uk
      Aerial Footage Courtesy of IronBird www.ironbird.co.uk


      And a bit more about the brains and creative forces behind POTO Studios...

       Please note: the following brief passage has NOT been written by Charlie and Alina (they're way too humble!), but by someone who has known and worked with the guys for many years, and witnessed their blood, sweat and tears, driven by the passion and desire they each possess to make this succeed. The latest milestone in the project being the launch of this website to give them the ability to offer a greater choice of products and reach a wider audience. 



      POTO Studios is the brainchild and master of Charlie and Alina Tait.

      Charlie is a local, and has lived in the Liverpool area for most of his life. He has many years of experience working for large international corporations in technology and senior management positions. A few years ago Charlie was gifted the opportunity to pursue his dream (he was made redundant...(!)), and took the plunge, and dived head-first off the corporate ladder and into the photography business.  This was to allow him to explore his long standing passion for photography, and especially in creating images of the rich heritage available in his hometown.

      Alina, Charlie's wife and professional photographer, was operating on an individual basis, and continuing to build her extensive portfolio. As Charlie doesn't do things by halves, he decided to dedicate himself to growing the business on a full-time (and lots of overtime!) basis. Both Charlie and Alina remain committed to the original values of the business, in that quality, character, personal service and affordability remains inherent to everything they offer to their customers.

      The couple are proud to be a part of the Baltic Triangle creative community, often referred to as Liverpool's "cultural quarter". Both of them love working among the buzz and diversity of other local creative enterprises working in the community, and nurturing creativity in Liverpool. 





      You can call us on 0151 709 2875 / 07807 572667 or see our contact POTO Studios page. 



      Charlie and Alina also run the Art Mayka business, providing professional services for artists including digitising, printing, print media, mounting & framing, and packing & labeling.

      Go to www.artmayka.com.


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