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Alina Tait

Liverpool Waterfront - Mirrored Dusk

Liverpool Waterfront  - Mirrored Dusk

This Colour block canvas of the Liverpool Waterfront features a night time dusk scene. Often chosen for its colour and warmth, it contains an array of Liverpool landmarks. This canvas is deeper than the Crown Princess ones for the same length.

Printed onto a smooth bright white canvas that is 100% cotton. It is then coated with a museum grade satin coating to give it UV protection (to resist fading), moisture resistance and stop cracking.

Sizes up to 2 meters in length are available here but for large room or commercial use they can be made up to 3 meters. Please call if you are interested in this option.


Alina Tait

Liverpool Waterfront - Mirrored Dusk

Please choose your size and colour of mount (where applicable). Size is when mounted.

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