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  • More from Ilan Sheady - the Mother's Day Collection
  • Marc Edwards
More from Ilan Sheady - the Mother's Day Collection

To complement Ilan Sheady's Senti-mental Valentines Collection, we are delighted to publish his latest dark themed images for, wait for it, Mother's Day! Yes, that's correct - we now have his Mother's Day collection ready to ship.

This latest collection features five images of iconic characters from horror, all offering 'interesting' phrases to compliment our beloved mothers this Mother's Day on March 15th.

You can view the collection here.

Ilan is also running a competition via his Uncle Frank Productions Facebook page to come up with the next character to feature in the Senti-mental themed collections.

The collections are currently featured by esteemed online horror review website HorrorTalk.

You can see all of Ilan's work here. I dread to think what might be next...! 

  • Marc Edwards
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