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Ilan Sheady (Uncle Frank Productions)

"YOU'RE SO DREAMY" - Greeting Card £3

"YOU'RE SO DREAMY" - Greeting Card £3

One of the all-time greatest, and most instantly recognisable horror characters ever - the wickedly disturbed Freddy Krueger from the 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' series.

He appears to be showing his caring side here by at least offering the rose with his left hand...(!)


Uncle Frank Productions brings the perfect card for or from the dedicated horror fan.
Perfectly charming and upbeat cards with a subtle, morbid undertone.

Each card comes with a fact about the film it's homaging and a sexy black envelope so that the recipient knows they've got something special.

if you want a set of cards we have a number available.

check here for the survival set containing a card for most emergency situations.

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Ilan Sheady (Uncle Frank Productions)

"YOU'RE SO DREAMY" - Greeting Card £3

Please choose your size and colour of mount (where applicable). Size is when mounted.

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